Tui Pendant Sterling Silver Boh Runga

Tui Pendant Sterling Silver Boh Runga

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"In my garden everyday I hear my resident 'parsons bird' or Tui. His strange, noisy calls bring me outside and I like to peer up into the surrounding trees to see where he is. He is so handsome, dressed in black with his flamboyant neckpiece. What a gentleman."

Measurements (Approx):
Tui Size: 14mm H x 10mm W
Chain Length: 45cm
Weight: 9g
Metal: 925 Silver

Product code: JBLSP0001

About this collection:
"Aotearoa. New Zealand. An island remote from much of the world. Unique in our flora and fauna. This is a Birdland.

I designed these charms as a tribute to the creatures that I love. Take them with you wherever you go."